Our Story

Ben and Megen met early on in their first year at Case Western Reserve University. Megen forgot all about this fateful meeting but now remembers Ben’s ridiculous costume. Ben happened to live in the same dorm where Michelle, Megen’s older sister, was a Learning Assistant. This meant Megen was seen throughout the halls; soon the two were officially introduced. Months later on February 9th 2004 Ben and Megen officially became a couple.

They visited Washington D.C. from August 24th through the 27th for a romantic, fun and, true to form, educational weekend. The weekend was full of trips to various museums, wonderful meals, a trip to the national zoo to see the Megen’s favorite animal,the panda, and their engagement. On the 25th Ben took Megen to a lovely garden in Virginia. He planned to propose on a gazebo in the middle of a lake but a loud family made it a less than ideal location. He proposed in an indoor portion of the garden with its own stream. And the rest is history!